'Dave Humphries Production'  
San Diego 'Beatle Fair 2014'

Beatle Fair San Diego 2014

Dave Humphries hails from Durham City in the Northeast of England and has lived in San Diego since 1996. As a teenager in Britain during the incredible music explosion of the 1960's, Dave played in various bands, doing clubs and pubs, but it was when he arrived in California that his music career took off. Humphries specializes in melodic pop crossed with good time rock & roll, in the grand tradition of Badfinger, The Lovin' Spoonful and The Beatles - but it's a sound uniquely his own, focused on acoustic guitar work. Dave can be found playing at various venues around town from Humphrey's On The Bay to LeStats Coffee House!

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ACROSS THE POND 7! at Rebecca's Coffee House. Saturday. 7-9pm, July 6th 2013.
Join us at Rebecca's Coffeehouse for a "civil" cuppa tea & scone to celebrate Independence Day and the friendship of two countries divided by a common language.
We will Rock you! Dave Humphries & Bart Mendoza, Special Guest, David Fleminger.
A Musical Exchange of Perspectives. The '60's & '70's as seen from SoCal & England. A Special Event. All we can say is it will be spectacular. Save The Date & Time for this 'Across the Pond'!-

Dave Humphries
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Tom Baird & David Silva - JAckie Austin-Singer -